Provide a Bag Insert

Want to reach thousands of Pet lovers in one weekend?

Bag Inserts are a very effective tool for directing traffic to your company location and to your website. Bag Inserts are placed inside of each free give-away bags that we provide at the show entrance to the first 1000 attendees each day. The free giveaway bags draw crowds in the morning that fill the lobby before the show opens.

Effective bag inserts can be used to increase sales, introduce your company to pet owners, bring customers to your website, and much more. In the 90 days following the event, effective bag inserts should reveal new customers and increased sales.

Not able to be an Exhibitor in the NW Pet Fair? This is a great way to reach the pet market without being present.

Already signed up to be an Exhibitor?

You can ensure that the attendee has a take home message from your company and we can drive them to your booth space with the Bag Insert.

If you would like to provide an insert you can access the Application and Bag Insert Information Sheet by clicking:

Bag Insert Application

tot10-white-Sample3Here are some ideas for Bag Inserts:

    • Coupons usable at the Expo, online, or in stores
    • Flyers showcasing your products and services
    • Usable items such as key chains, bottle openers, pens, magnets, poo bag dispensers, etc..
    • Memorabilia
    • Promotional codes to merchandise